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iStock_00000remember7902364XSmallYou’re probably here because you’re:

  • Studying for professional qualifications
  • Looking for a promotion or career enhancement
  • Studying at University or College
  • Taking exams at School
  • Learning a new subject or skill for the enjoyment of it

It’s a very strange world we live in, where we spend our lives being given information to remember but no-one teaches us the best way to learn.

It’s as if the *one* thing that would enable us to do better in our exams, and more easily, is deliberately left off every curriculum so that we’re left to try and cram information into our heads as best we can.

Learn from ancient Greece and Neuroscience

People have known the skills of powerful remembering for a long, long time. In ancient Greece, for example, students were taught how to remember things. They knew how to do this in mediaeval times too. Neuroscience has given us a lot of powerful insights into the way that our brains want to learn, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) has shown us how we can adjust the way we learn to suit our personality and individual learning style.

Learn from modern-day Memory Champions

There are people in the world who can remember pi to 10,000 digits or recall the order of ten packs of playing cards in a ridiculously short space of time. These people are not freaks: they have very ordinary brains. All they have done is to find out how the brain likes to learn and they’ve practised some simple techniques.

You can do this too.

I’m not suggesting that you spend your time learning pi to 10,000 digits (that would be too geeky, even for me!) but I’m going to help you to use your mind to remember what you need to remember in the most powerful and effective way:

– Boost your grades

– Pass your exams

– Move forward with your life confidently

– Know that you can learn and retain information

– Believe that you can achieve exam success


My name is Taggart King, I’m a Memory & Learning coach, and I’m looking forward to helping you to Turbo-Charge Your Memory! taggart king

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